NorthStar Anesthesia's Chief CRNAs, Neil Andrews and Dennis Occkiogrosso

NorthStar Anesthesia's Chief CRNAs, Neil Andrews and Dennis Occkiogrosso

Anesthesia is an inherently stressful profession. Large team group dynamics can be stressful and challenging. We accept and deal with these stressors daily and typically make it look easy because we are well trained and utilize known techniques and processes to make it all work.

COVID threw a wrench of unknown quickly and for the most part out of the blue into everything we do. Angst and uncertainty were certainly widespread and understandable initially. In my view teams could have responded in one of two ways after the initial shock of what was unfolding. They could run from and be consumed by it, or they could confront and attack it. Our company, our team and our facility chose the latter.

This unified approach by all the disciplines was quick to dampen the fear of the unknown and respond to the crisis. We fully believe the most important thing our local leadership did was to recognize and harness the amazing intellect and talent which makes up our anesthesia care team. By incorporating the ideas and process which flooded from this pool of creative and resourceful clinicians, we quickly came up with new techniques and best practices, which had not existed before COVID. By drawing on the team, the corporate leadership, both Baylor Scott & White and NorthStar Anesthesia, we continue to adapt and perceiver in these difficult times.

As a result of this experience, we feel our team has been unified & strengthened. We think everyone is proud of what they have accomplished.  Dennis and I are certainly proud to be a members of this team and NorthStar.

Neil Andrews, CRNA

Dennis Occkiogrosso, CRNA