Dräger Connect – NEW!

Dräger Connect – NEW!

Dräger Connect

The possibilities of making every day clinical life easier with the help of digitalization are high. The networking of medical technology offers valuable potential from which many groups benefit holistically – doctors, nursing staff, patients and hospital management.

 With Dräger Connect, we offer you an innovative platform for data-based applications to provide you with sustainable support in the field of medical technologies.  Our first introduction to this new offering is Gas Consumption and Alarm Analytics.


Gas Consumption Analytics

Gas Consumption Analytics provides you with comprehensive consumption data and costs as well as consolidated information on equipment usage. The targeted reduction of the fresh gas flow during anesthesia has many advantages, including Clinical, Economical, and Ecological.


Alarm History Analytics

Intensive care units as well as operating rooms are often exposed to high noise levels from acoustic alarms. Alarm History Analytics creates transparency and provides an overview of the alarms that occur. On this basis, process sequences and personnel planning can be systematically optimized in order to increase the efficiency of the existing alarm management system and reduce stress for employees.  In short, Alarm History Analytics enables:

• Optimization of department staffing according to the alarm situation. 

• Review of the effects of measures to reduce alarm fatigue

• Ensure standard operating procedure (SOP) conformity concerning alarm response times