TCU Advanced Pain Management Fellowship

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The mission of the program is to educate Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) to be competent providers of care to patients who suffer from chronic pain. The purpose of the Advanced Pain Management program is to educate and prepare advanced pain management practitioners to deliver holistic pain management care, including comprehensive pain management interventions and patient education. Graduates from the Advanced Pain Management Fellowship Program who meet all of the NBCRNA eligibility criteria will be able to apply for the Nonsurgical Pain Management (NSPM) sub-specialty certification exam. The NSPM credential program measures the knowledge, skills, and abilities of NBCRNA-certified registered nurse anesthetists for practice in the NSPM field.

2800 W. Bowie St.
Fort Worth, Texas, United States, 76109

Jackie Rowles, DNP, CRNA, ANP-BC, NSPM-C, FAAN, Director