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We're a Company owned by CRNAs that work for CRNAs who love their profession. Our goal is to give each CRNA the opportunity and support they need to pursue excellence in their career--whatever that may look like for them.
141 N. Main St - Ste 205, Brewer, ME, USA, 04412Lynne Veinote, Chief Administrative Officer207-992-4032

Nurse Anesthesia of Maine (NAMe) is a CRNA-owned group of over 30 CRNAs covering 13 hospitals and clinics around Maine.  Our team of professional and dedicated CRNAs provide a diverse and ever-expanding range of clinical services through an Anesthesia Care Team model at a Level II Trauma Center and an Independent Practice model at a number of community hospitals and clinics throughout the state.  



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Nurse Anesthesia of Maine Services

Nurse Anesthesia of Maine offers the highest quality nurse anesthesia services through its team of highly educated, trained, and compassionate Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). Our staff provides the full spectrum of anesthesia care to meet your patients’ needs. Call us today to learn how Nurse Anesthesia of Maine’s top-notch team can help you! The NAMe team provides a ...[more]

Why Maine & Why NAMe

Meet CRNA Jackie, a Chicago and Nebraska native who moved to Maine to pursue her career as a CRNA. She'll tell you the reasons you should consider a life and career in Maine. Then meet CRNA Michelle, a lifelong Mainer who has been with NAMe a number of years. Michelle will tell you why you should consider joining our team!

  • Meet our CRNA Team working at Eastern Maine Medical Center, gathered for CRNA Week 2021!
  • Making sure her records are thorough sure keeps Elizabeth Markey happy!
  • NAMe CRNA Justin Alley just had to share this pic of his "NAMe gear" along some of Maine's beautiful coastline.
  • Justin Alley takes a moment during a neuro case to share a smile.
  • "I work with such cool people!" stated NAMe CRNA Sandi Carver as she took this photo of her peer, NAMe CRNA Matt Kent placing a block using ultrasound.
  • COVID has certainly impacted how things are done, including our annual NAMe Summer Party. Thinking out of the box, we packed family picnic baskets for each of our CRNAs loaded with steaks or lobsters, all the fixings, and berry tarts, all from local businesses. It was a hit!
  • NAMe prides itself on taking care of our CRNAs, even if it's just ensuring our team gets breaks and lunches. Here's CRNA Sandi Carver and Chief CRNA Tami Wilson celebrating another day of fed and satisfied CRNAs.
  • Our CRNAs constantly strive to improve and expand their anesthesia technique, and NAMe is behind them every step of the way supporting their goals and education. This was an ultrasound class organized by a few NAMe CRNAs to share their skills and teach their peers.
  • You may never meet a closer group of CRNAs...from left to right, meet Kathy Maxwell, NAMe's CEO; Paul Schneider, NAMe's COO; and Beverly Henion, NAMe's Education Chair, all sharing a smile in between cases.
  • CRNAs Michelle Grant and Sandi Carver resting for a few minutes in between cases at one of our facilities.
  • What better way to relax than hopping in your kayak and floating down Penobscot River. This photo was taken by one of NAMe's owners, CRNA Paul Schneider, who just so happens to live along the banks of the Penobscot.
  • Meet the owners of NAMe - CEO Kathy Maxwell, COO Paul Schneider, and Co-Owner Susan DeCarlo. All are practicing CRNAs who work alongside their employees.
  • Meet NAMe's Administrative Team - HR Manager Stefani Dion, Chief Administrative Officer Lynne Veinote, and Administrative Assistant Amy Belanger. You'll never find a group more dedicated to the needs of their CRNAs.
  • What do you do in Maine on your day off? Take a Hike! CRNA buddies Sandi and Jaime enjoy getting out in the fresh air and soaking up Maine's beauty!

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